The wrapper bag!!

Posted on September 20, 2011


Please bear with me, this is my first tutorial! I picked this project to post because i have so much fun making these and they c0me out so cool!!  If you have any questions  please let me know!!!

I dont know what else to call this besides, “The Wrapper bag,” because you can use candy wrappers, chip wrappers, or anything else you want to experiment with! This tutorial should come in handy especially with all the candy wrappers we are going to incorporate from trick-or-treating!

To make this project you will need:

  •  lots of wrappers, magazine pages, (whatever u want to try it with)
  • needle and cord (or strong thread)
  • hot glue, zipper or handles (optional)
  1. 1st step is to cut your pieces into 2inch x 5inch strips. (for the chip bags i left them double with their fronts and backs).
  2. Get one of the strips, lay it in front of you horizontally with the good side down and fold it in half lengthwise to crease it down the middle.
  3. Open it back up, fold the top & bottom in so they both meet in the middle. Then fold it in half lengthwise and crease. 
  4. Then fold the sides (left and right) in so they meet in the middle. Then fold it completely in half.
  5. Set aside (preferably under something so it doesnt become unfolded). Do the same process for more strips.
  6. After you make a 2nd folded strip you can interlock it to the 1st.  To interlock, have the 1st piece vertical (open side down) and the 2nd piece horizontal (open side facing 1st piece). Put the open part of the 2nd piece into the open part of the 1st piece. (hard to explain, hopefully the pic is more understanding). Then you pull 2nd piece as tight as you can, you should have “v” shape with the two pieces.  Attach more strips in same way.     
  7. Continue these steps to the desired lengths and rows you want.  Your rows should have a zig zag look. For this tutorial i made each row 24 links and i made 5 rows.
  8. Now you need to make ur rows into circles. To do that, you go back to the piece that u ended ur row with and open up the sides. Make sure to leave it attached to ur row.
  9. Bring around the 1st piece u started with and fold the open part of the last piece into it. (You can add glue if you worried about its secure-ness)                                                                         
  10. After you did that to all ur rows, now time to do the bottom yay! (i say that with sarcasm, because this is the least fun part to me) LOL!! You can get your ugliest or least-favorite circle to do this with. Leaving it in a circle, squeeze it together so that the bottoms all meet together. Pull out your needle and cord and start sewing the bottoms together.  You can double/triple sew if you want.  Sorry if this part doesnt make sense either, hopefully the pics will give u a better understanding. I tried to add red lines in the pic to show where you sew it together.
  11. After you finish making the bottom, its time to start attaching the circles. You sew the circles on the same way you sewed the bottom together. Make sure that every circle you attach is the same way up. If you look at the top of your circles you will see that on each angle one side will be 1 fold and the other side will be 2 folds inward. (this is important because it will make it sturdier as you sew it together and it might help with alignment)
  12. After you added all the circles you are done! Well, almost! You can add a zipper, handles,  straps, or nothing! its totally your choice.  For this tutorial i made a bag thats 6 inch x 6inch and i hot glued a zipper in it, I might go back and try to add a few stitches in the zipper to make it more secure (probably should’ve done that 1st) LOL!!

Enjoy your bag! It will be a truly unique and one-of-a-kind, because of the wrappers you use and anything you might consider a “mistake” in it!

I made myself a big purse that i have been using for a couple months now, its holding up really good.  I also made a couple of smaller zipper bags. Below are pics of them (including this one), so get ambitious and take this ‘wrapper bag” idea to any level you want!