Posted on October 28, 2011


I’m a mother of 5, and for some reason I end up with alot of jeans/ denim. I TRY to donate or give to relatives what my kids outgrow, but sometimes it just seems that the denim piles up as fast as i can get rid of it!! Does anyone else have that problem?!  LOL!! I Love working with denim (even though I brake lots of needles with it), it makes heavy blankets, cool bags, and its great if you want to make country-style stuff!  Below are some pics of recent projects I have made with denim I’ve had.  The ‘rag quilt’ is the 1st rag quilt I have ever made.  The rag quilt is small (like baby blanket size) its about 34inches by 32inches, one side is denim and the other side is colorful bandanas.  The other denim quilt is a little bigger but still a small blanket, its about 57inches by 46inches. One side of that is denim and the other is fleece, its definitely a warm blanket! I made myself a jean-butt purse! LOL! Its from one of my daughters jeans that i totally loved the color and stones on the back pocket!! Sorry the pictures aren’t the best ( I need some photography tips, feel free to advise!!)! Hopefully you enjoy this simple post, these simple ideas, and hopefully you get inspired!!!