This Happy Witch, Loves her Monsters

Posted on November 4, 2011


I was born to be a mother!!  I know I know, that sounds so old-fashioned 1800’s or anti-feminist-movement, but being a mother is something that i am so proud to be.  I am a full time, stay at home mom of 5!

Mothers are all slightly insane.” J.D. Salinger

You would have to be, right?!? I mean, to put someone else’s needs ahead of your own at all times! To sacrifice a good nights sleep for the rest of your life or to sit down at the table last to eat dinner after everyone is attended to. What about the beauty of cleaning up puke, pee, and “who knows what that is.”  Aaahhh, and the desire to be broke all the time! Who in their right mind, signs up for that job?! Well, I am one of thee chosen ones! LOL!!

“It is not until you become a mother that your judgement slowly turns to compassion and understanding.” Erma Bombeck

This quote is true for me. I was never a judgmental person, but i definitely see things in a different point of view. Not only have i learned compassion and understanding, I have learned patience, tolerance, selflessness, self-control, anger-management, prioritizing….just to name a few!                                                                                                                                            

“Children will not remember you for the material things you provided, but for the feeling that you cherish them.” Richard L. Evans

This is so undeniable true! Not only is this true for children, but also adults. People want to be loved, paid attention to and cherished.  I find that children will always remember how you made them feel, rather than what you bought them at the store one day.  One of the best things is to always listen when they talk and ask them questions. Kids can go on and on about any particular subject, and their face will light up with a smile if you ask them a question. Give lots of hugs & kisses while you can (I fear one day they will out-grow that).  Always tell them you love them and always find ways to let them know they are special.

“Being a full time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs….since the payment is pure love.” Mildred B. Vermont

I honestly believe that you don’t know ‘true’ or ‘pure’ love until you have loved a child. I have always been a stay at home mom, occasionally going to school or having small jobs.  I have never experienced something SO demanding and rewarding at the same time!  All of us moms, work our butts trying to teach our children (ready for the long list) manners, responsibility, values, importance of education, hard work, respect, citizenship, importance of family…etc etc! It is hard work, but as for me, after all the tears, disagreements, and fusses i find myself feeling rewarded by things that seem so miniscule. I find myself feeling satisfied and loved by hugs, thank yous, board games, movie night, and (my favorite) stick figure family pictures!!

“Have you any idea how many kids it takes to turn off one light in the kitchen? Three. It takes one to say “what light?” and two more to say “I didn’t turn it on.” Erma Bombeck

This is soooo hilarious because I can hear this in the voices of my kids! LOL!! I guess that is part of growing up, the little defiance of simple things. My response to these types of situations, “I didn’t ask!” LOL!!

I am a proud mommy of 5!! Now, don’t get me wrong or allow me to mislead you on a ‘perfect parent journey’, I have my days where i want to pull my hair out or even make a bonfire out of their toys.  I do admit to using empty threats such as “i’m going to post you up on craigslist” or “let me call your real mom and see if she wants you back yet.”  I occasionally play the role of drill sergeant and referee!

The truth of the matter is, no matter what type of mother you are, we have a vital role in society. We are the ones to guide and teach our children to become good, productive, and happy people in the world.  It is our duty to sacrifice, love, guide, and demonstrate as mothers.  Being a mother is the hardest, but best job in the world!

“….for the hand that rocks the cradle, is the hand that rules the world.” William Ross Wallace

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