Juicy Pouch Project

Posted on January 22, 2012


The infamous….juice pouch bag! Some people call it caprisun bags, but i have to call it juicy pouch because i don’t always use the caprisuns! Before i get into this project i apologize for the crappy pics, i really need some photography tips! LOL!!

For this particular project you will need:

  • Juice Pouches (21 for this project)
  • Sew machine with a strong needle
  • fabric (optional, its only if you want to line the bag)
  • hotglue gun with glue
  • binding, fringe, or fabric for edging and handle
  • stick on velcro
  1. Make sure you clean out your pouches with soap and warm water and allow time to dry completely. I cut a slit in the bottom of the pouch where it folds in because when they are sewn together it will be sealed up.
  2. Lay out how you are going to sew your pouches together (like front, back, sides) then sew your sections together, don’t sew the front to the sides or the back yet. For this bag the front is going to be shorter than the back because the back is going to have the flap to go over the front.
  3. Place your sewed juice pouches over fabric, trace and cut out (i do this because I’m kinda lazy to measure haha)
  4. You should have a front piece, back piece, two sides and a bottom piece in your juice pouches and fabric pieces.
  5. Time to sew the front piece to the sides, then sew to the back and then attach the bottom. Its kind of a pain-in-the-butt because the juice pouches aren’t very flexible at all. You sew the fabric pieces together in the same way.
  6. Now that you have your juice pouch bag and fabric bag, time to combine them. Insert your lining into the juice bag (with ugly side facing the ugly side of juice pouches). Fold the top of the lining in (towards its ugly side) so that when you sew/glue it together its not the raw edge of the fabric. You have the option to sew the lining in or hot glue it in, totally your call. For this project i pinned the fabric (such a pain to do, i could’ve probably just used regualr tape or something) to the juice bag and sewed them together with a zig zag stitch. Stick your velcro pieces onto the flap and front piece as well.
  7. Time to add your binding/fringe or whatever you chose. Just get your glue gun and start gluing it to all the edges of your bag. I covered every edge to give it a more finished look.
  8. For the strap get a piece of fabric that’s at least 30 inch long by 5inch wide. I used same fabric that i lined my bag with. I pressed it in half lengthwise. Then i folded each side inward to meet in the middle then pressed it again. I then folded it in half, pressed and pinned, then sewed along all edges to make the strap. (Hopefully the pics explain it better than i did in words LOL sorry!)
  9. Attaching the strap is probably the hardest part next to sewing the lining on because the juice pouches don’t flex. I sewed the straps onto the sides of the bag just sewing multiple parallel lines because i couldn’t do the typical “X”.
  10. you are done with your bag!

There are many many projects that can be done with the juice pouches! Here are some pics of other things I have done with them, but you can surf the web and find sooo many good ideas too!