Posted on February 2, 2012


This weekend I took my very first trip to mexico! It took me a long long time to feel ok about going. I was nervous for a number of reason ex: crooked cops, high crime/violence, ugly cities, getting sick from the food…..etc etc. Well needless to say….i didnt experience any of these things on my trip! I personally thought Mexico was a very pretty place (except for the few ugly places like every city has), I thought majority of the people were friendly, food was good, and everywhere i went the atomosphere was a good one.

First stop was to go by the kids great-grandparents/relatives for visiting! They live in Tj. They were so nice and welcoming to us, I couldnt have asked for nicer people! Here are a few pics of Tj, the family, and the family with my kids and us.

Next stop was to eat tacos…LOL! i should’ve taken a picture of them, they were soooo yummy! After stuffing our faces we went to Rosarito. The beach was so warm and beautiful and the sites were sooooo cool and unique.

we also got to stay in a cabin right on the beach! There was enough space for all of us and it was waaaaay cheaper than any hotel room here!!! My kids got to see dolphins from our balcony!

In Ensenada we got to see the beauty, eat good food, shop and check out La Bulfadora (hopefully spelled right!) LOL!! My kids also got to take a picture with a baby lion as well! Everything in the shops are bright, colorful, and has that “special handcrafted” feeling…i loved it!

I would definitely recommend going to mexico to anyone! My advise would be: make sure you have someone to guide you to where you want to go (because i noticed that there arent many street signs pointing you in the direction to go), take some bottle water, and take sun block (even though i didnt get sunburned it was very sunny)! LOL! Be careful also, u should be careful anywhere u go in life. Buy LOTS of souvenirs, that is my only regret, that i didnt buy hardly any souvenirs. I seen sooo much beautiful pottery, sculptures, blankets, bags, etc etc and didnt buy any…just a few T-shirts..LOL!

We had a blast and if you wanna see more pics i have them on my flickr! Thank u for reading!

ooooook he didnt really drink any beer, we just made him pose to take a funny pic!

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