Bottle Cap Jewelry

Posted on February 19, 2012


I Love to recycle and reuse things to make something fun and new out of them. When i seen this post on craftgawker I was totally inspired and knew that this was something i had to try. This is the tutorial that inspired me to make my own:

My daughters and I had fun making different things out of the caps. The possibilities are endless and the bottlecaps are easy to switch around for different looks! The essentials we needed to make some of our jewelry were earring hooks, stretchy cord (for bracelets), chain or cord for necklace, and some small loops to attach the bottle caps.

In case you didnt look up the tutorial or my link didnt work, you need some pliers to straighten out the sides of the bottle cap and a hammer and small nail to make a hole where you want the holes at in your cap.

Some ideas/tips: For the bracelet we decided to put holes on the side of the bottle cap (instead of the top) to thread the cord through.  Get beads/stones.etc to give a unique look to your jewelry.  You can add pics, glittler, or stones to the inside of your caps to dress it up if you like.

There are sooo many things u can do besides jewelry, browse the web for ideas and have fun! Below are the few things that we did to start out with!