Little League!

Posted on May 23, 2012


I have been so busy and haven’t blogged in a long time! My son was in Little League this season so on top of the normal life stuff i had going on…we were going to practices, games, etc.

I LOVE watching little league….dont get me wrong…there are the occasional games where you wish the slow torture would end! LOL! My son was on the Dodgers this season and they did pretty good. They improved so much from the first day of practice and they were all very good kids.

My son LOVES to play baseball and he is pretty good. He is very modest, so if anyone asks him he will be very nonchalant about it all. LOL! This was his third year playing baseball.

below are some pics…most of them i took from their team website because i didnt take many pics at the game…i was to excited cheering and stuff. LOL!!

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