Posted on May 23, 2012


I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Tattoos!!  I grew up being around art and artwork my whole life. My dad did airbrushing as a side job and painted anything from tshirts to cars.

I have a nice collection of tattoos on my arms. I aint done yet LOL! i want to get my legs, back, etc etc. RIght now i just have my arms, shoulder blades and lower abdomen.

I love all the different styles of tattoos, i love seeing the different things people put on themselves.

A couple weeks ago I went to the fresno tattoo convention. It was cool seeing all the artists, artwork, and booths set up. There was some really cool artists there and a couple of tv artists. I took a picture of Amy from LA Ink, i was going to ask her if i could but i would’ve felt kinda wierd…..asking someone “hey can i take a pic of you” LOL!! Oliver Peck was there too but i didnt take a pic of him…once again i didnt want to feel like a weirdo stalker. LOL!

i did get my mermaid tattoo colored in..she was just black and grey. Will from Quality tattoo in tulare did her. He is a really great artist.

Jason from Electric giraffee in tulare does my other artwork….which i should be paying him a visit in July because it will be my bday..woo hoo!

I’m posting a couple of pics on here…one of Amy from the convention and one of my Mermaid, the only pics I have of my other tattoos are just pics of me where u can see them. I might have some on my flickr.

I love tattoos because of the beauty….and you always have a story behind it. You remember when you got it an why. Even if its not a sentimental tattoo…u know why you got it.

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