This Happy Witch, Loves her Monsters

November 4, 2011


I was born to be a mother!!  I know I know, that sounds so old-fashioned 1800’s or anti-feminist-movement, but being a mother is something that i am so proud to be.  I am a full time, stay at home mom of 5! “Mothers are all slightly insane.” J.D. Salinger You would have to be, right?!? […]

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October 28, 2011


I’m a mother of 5, and for some reason I end up with alot of jeans/ denim. I TRY to donate or give to relatives what my kids outgrow, but sometimes it just seems that the denim piles up as fast as i can get rid of it!! Does anyone else have that problem?!  LOL!! […]

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The wrapper bag!!

September 20, 2011


Please bear with me, this is my first tutorial! I picked this project to post because i have so much fun making these and they c0me out so cool!!  If you have any questions  please let me know!!! I dont know what else to call this besides, “The Wrapper bag,” because you can use candy […]

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